Welcome to Remington Chainsaw . com your source for parts and information for Remington Chainsaws made by Desa International prior to 2009.

In December of 2008 Desa International filed bankruptcy and has since gone out of business. During the spring of 2009 MTD purchased the Remington Chainsaw assets from Desa.

MTD has been manufacturing quality outdoor products for more than 40 years, their knowledge and expertise of the outdoor products industry will continue to bring customers quality Remington Outdoor Products.

Currently this site offers information on Remington products made prior to 2009.
We will be adding information on new MTD Remington products as information comes available.

The Where to buy link above will list retailers that have sold Remington Products.
The Parts link will show common parts and where to buy parts for Remington Chainsaws.
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RemingtonChainsaw.com is not the manufacturer of Remington Outdoor Products.
Prior to 2009 Remington Outdoor Products were manufactured by Desa International.
After the spring of 2009 Remington Outdoor Products are manufactured by MTD Southwest.